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Selected Directing Projects Below.  Click here for full resume

Greenwood                                        Assistant Director               Nimbus Theater             

Westside St. Paul Project (2023)            Director                              Mixed Blood Theater             

Puffs   (2022)                                            Director                              Minneapolis Roosevelt H.S.             

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (2022)  Director                              Gustavus Adolphus College            

Christmas of Swing (2021)                     Assistant Director               History Theatre   


The Thanksgiving Play (2020)               Assistant Director               Great River Shakespeare

Beyond the Rainbow (2019)                   Assistant Director               History Theatre             

The River Becomes Sea  (2018)              Director                             Nimbus Theatre             

WIzard of Oz Commercial  (2018)          Director                              Steppingstone Theatre             

Cocaine  (2017)                                       Director                              Minnesota Fringe Theatre             

Redemption  (2017)                              Assistant Director                Nimbus Theatre            


The River Becomes Sea, Nimbus Theatre

"The River Becomes Sea is a show worth seeing if you are wanting a break from the traditional Holiday shows this season and are looking for a thoughtful and reflective piece." Twin Cities Stages

"The River Becomes Sea... you have more than enough drama to fill 85 minutes. Nimbus does that but in an unhurried, lyrical, Southern sort of pace." Cherry & Spoon. 

"Why you should go: Because it sounds fascinating. I mean 'inspired by Enripedes' The Bacchae and set in Reconstruction era New Orleans." Yes, please!" MN Theatre Lover

"Director Ernest Briggs has done an excellent job of keeping scenes moving without pause, so there is never a lapse in engagement, and the interactions among characters bear the ring of truth."  Talkin' Broadway. 

Cocaine, MN Fringe Festival 2017

Cocaine” is actually adapted from a 19th century one-act by John Pendleton King, but actors Joann Oudekerk and Richard “Doc” Woods bring fresh, visceral desperation to their impoverished characters Nora and Joe. In a little over 30 minutes, the pair grapples with issues including the pain of being evicted from a home, the difficulty of defining their relationship, and simply trying to live to see the next day — and the next joint. The palpable suspense makes this a treat."Star Tribune

"An update of a century-old play by Pendleton King, this intimate person drama is an engrossing theatre production about drug addiction and the toll that it takes on a relationship. Ernest Briggs’s direction shines, and the often weighty narrative is carried brilliantly in the striking performances by Joann Oudekerk and Richard Woods."Twins Cities Arts Reader

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